Town Crest created by Kenny Elms in 2000
Town Of Reidville
Newfoundland Labrador, Canada

Walking Trails

Original plan for the Trail Development Project
On the maps below, the red track represents the Walking trail that have been cut and mostly developed.

The initial stage for the Walking Trail involved laying stone and boardwalk along the Humber River buffer zone from Reidville Municipal Park to the mouth of Trout Brook. A walking bridge was constructed over Trout Brook about 500 meters from the mouth of the brook. After crossing the brook the trail branches. Travelling along Trout Brook the trail leads to The Tramway Historic site and branching towards the north it meets the Reidville Main Road near Lloyd Jones Meeting Cutting operation. There is a branch near thr Tramway that will also lead back to Reidville Road and the main parking lot.

Future development for the Walking Trail system includes:
     ► completion of the initial layout as described above.
     ► from The Tramway site west along the Humber River to the Newfoundland Insectarium
     ► from the Reidville Municipal Park east along the Humber River to the Cache Rapids
     ► along Trout Brook from Reidville Main Road to the Alexander Reid Memorial Park
     ► along Middle Brook from the Humber River to the Reidville Main Road
     ► along Rocky Brook from the Humber River to the Reidville Main Road

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