Town Crest created by Kenny Elms in 2000
Town Of Reidville

History - Tramway

Trout Brook and The Gulch are both extremely deep ravines and was a major obstacle to transportation on land during the early 1900's. When IP&P  decided to log the Aides Lakes / White River area they constructed a tramway from the Humber River to Aides Lake. This railway line began just west of Trout Brook and continued inland through the interior of what is now Cormack and on to Aides Lake. The paper company's Tug boat would steam from Humbermouth, Corner Brook, up the Lower Humber past Shelbird island, Marble Mountain and Little Rapids to Deer Lake. After travelling the entire lake it would enter the mouth of the Upper Humber near Nicholsville and continue to steam on past Rocky Brook until it reached the Tramway. There it would unload goods, and sometimes loggers that would then travel to their respective camps for work.