Town Crest created by Kenny Elms in 2000
Town Of Reidville
Newfoundland Labrador, Canada
During the Fall of 2007 Carl Reid, Eric Reid, David Reid, Cliff Reid and Wyatt Goosney blazed the first trail from Reidville's Main Road to the Humber River along the ridge line above the western side of Trout Brook.  The Town is grateful to Mr. Lloyd Jones for giving permission to cross his private property along much of this route.  Mr. Jones allowed this access to walkers / runners only, and so no ATV's or other motorized vehicles are permitted to access this trail. We have attempted to create a walking/running only trail for its entirety.  The old original horse trail still exist along the Humber River and the walking trail runs parallel with it. Bikers and ATV users are asked to continue to use the old trail and leave the newly developed walking trail to the walkers /  runners.

Slideshow: Click the picture at the right to see pictures of the initial startup for the Reidville Walking Trails. During this first year Karen Moss and Brian Laing, from Deer Lake, rough cut and burned the brush for the first section from the main road to Trout Brook and along the River to the Tramway location.

During the Fall of 2008 Bonnie Reid and Marge Curlew worked on the second phase. They laid stone, constructed boardwalk, carved out natural steps and built a bridge to access the trail from Reidville's Main Road.
Duroing the winter of 2009 several volunteers went to Harriman's Brook to disassembly the suspension bridge donated by Dean Pittman and moved the sections to Reidville to be used later to create a bridge across Trout Brook. As well Bonnie Reid and Marge Curlew worked on the Tramway sign when the weather was too bad to work outside.
Fall 2009 and Winter 2010
Volunteers helped to get the steel supports for the Trout Brook bridge in place. Then Marge Curlew, Spencer Young, Cynthia Budgell, Bonnie Reid and Paula Stagg extended the trail to the Humber River by building boardwalk, two bridges and laying stone. Cynthia photographed the work and do not appear in the slideshow. Thanks to Cynthia, we have the pictures to create this slideshow.
Winter 2012
Bonnie Reid, William (Willie) Reid, Jason Reid and Paula Stagg completed a great deal of work on the trails. They widened the entire trail along the River to Trout Brook and from Trout Brook to the Tramway site. They completed the Trout Brook triangle and cleaned up "blow-down" from Trout Brook to thr Reidville Road. They also clear-cut the Tramway Parking Lot and rough cut the trail from the parking lot to the Tramway Historic Site location. During bad weather days they carved "Walking Trail" signs in split logs.
Spring  2012
A Volunteer Work Day was organized for June 9, 2012 to construct a raised stone walk along the Humber River from the Mill Beach to the edge of the forest where the walking trail entered the woods. This section of trail allows walkers / runners full view of the river while staying away from Eric Reid's sod farm and the old horse trail, often in use by  ATV's and other motorized vehicles.
Winter 2014
During the Fall Bonnie Reid and Michelle Martin constructed a seventy-five foot (23 meter) boardwalk across a very wet section of the trail that connects the Tramway Parking lot section to the Humber River trail very near the Tramway Historic Site. During bad weather days the carved "Walking Trail" signs in the lower level of the community hall.
Winter 2015
During the Fall Jason Reid, Spencer Young and Lorna Curtis worked on the section of trail between the Parking Lot along Reidville Road and the Tramway Historic Site. They layed fines along the entire route and constructed several bridges over ravines where it was required. In addition the erected some signs along the entire trail system.

Walking Trails History

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