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Town Of Reidville
Newfoundland Labrador, Canada

History - Introduction

When William (Bampton) Reid arrived in Bonne Bay in 1872, the land, on the northern side of South Arm ( Glenburnie, Birchy Head, Woody Point, etc.) most suitable to a fisherman's needs, was all occupied. "The rule of the bay with regard to the occupation of land is that each settler takes as much frontage on the landwash as he pleases, never interfering with his neighbours" (Osmond, R). William crossed the bay to Deepwater Cove and setup homestead. Although this location served the family well during the spring and summers, it presented many hardships during the winter months. Food and supplies had to be gathered before the winter freeze. By the turn if the century (1900) the family left Deepwater Cove and moved to Neddy (Neddies) Harbour in the East Arm of Bonne Bay

Background Information:

In "Families of the South-Arm of Bonne Bay 1800's-1930's", Roy M. Osmond tells of William Reid (1794-1883) settling at Deepwater Cove (directly across the South Arm of Bonne Bay between Winter House Brook and Woody Point) with his family by 1872. Upon his arrival from England, William landed in Conception Bay but later moved to Quirpon, then to Labrador, and finally to Bonne Bay. He died at Deepwater Cove in 1883 and his remaining family moved to Neddy (Neddies) Harbour in the 1890's.
It is said that William's father was born a Bampton whose family held elite status in London, England. He fell in love with and married a servant girl. This was not acceptable in English society and the marriage was condemned by people of his social position. William did not accept this criticism well and after leaving home he changed his surname to Reid out of respect for his mother.

William (Bampton) Reid married Ann Rumbolt (1806-1883) and moved to Deepwater Cove by 1872. Their five children were; Timothy Reid (b.1829), John Reid (b. 1829), Absalom Reid (1836), Elizabeth Reid(b. ?) and Rebeccah Reid(b. ?).

Timothy Reid (1829-1906) married Aurelia Pynn (1829-1888) and they had eleven children. They were; Henry, George(b.1852), Moses(b.1854), Esan(b.1856), William(b1857), Horatio(b.1859) Ann Maria(b.1861), John Charles(b.1864), Catherine Frances(b.1866), Fronia(b.1869), and Matilda Jane (b.1872)

John Reid (1829-1890) married Sarah Taylor(1829-?) And later Martha Clarke. John fathered four children; Mary Ann(b1872), William Thomas(b.1874), John Charles(b.1878) James(b.1881).

Absalom Reid (1836-1915) married Bridget Rideout(1850-1881) and she born four children with him; Henry William(b.1873), George Thomas(b.1874), Matilda Jane(b.1876) and Mary(b.1880-1881). Bridget died in 1881 and in 1886 Absalom married Elizabeth Rumbolt(1866-1948) and they had six children; Mary(b.1887), Samuel James(b.1888), Norman(b.1890), Delilah(b.1892), Arthur(b.1898) and Frances(b.1901)

Elizabeth Reid(b. ?)

Rebeccah Reid(b. ?) married Samuel Rideout

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