Town Crest created by Kenny Elms in 2000
Town Of Reidville
This history document is a work in progress and is incomplete at this time. Clifford G. Reid is still researching the information and would appreciate any information from persons that are familiar with the early development of the town. You may email the web developer CGR Webs ( ) with any corrections or suggestions. Click the links in the list below for specific chapters.


Chapter 1: Introduction
This chapter describes arrival to western Newfoundland of a William Reid (or Bampton) in 1872. It list his family and tells about his settling at Deepwater Cove in the South Arm of Bonne Bay.
Chapter 2:  Bonne Bay Connection
Many of the settlers in the Deer Lake area migrated from the Bonne Bay region during the early 1900's because of the introducyion of a new vibrant forest industry. The Paper Mill in Corner Brook and the Hydroelectric Power Plant being constructed in Deer Lake provided much need work for families on the west coast of Newfoundland. The Pulp and Paper operations remains an essential employer even today. It was this attraction that enticed William Thomas Reid to uproot his family in Neddy's Harbour and move to Reidville.
Chapter 3: Before Reidville:
Before Reidville was settled in 1933 by William Thomas Reid and his family there were eight small homesteds stretching from Deer Lake to the Cache Rapids along the Humber River. This chapter briefly discuss each of the settlements.
Chapter 4: Reidville - The Beginning
This chapter identifies living conditions of the time and suggest reasons for William Thomas Reid's decision to move his family out of Bonne Bay and inland to the Deer Lake region. It also gives detail about the decision to set up between the two ravines, Trout Brook and The Gulch, essentially establishing the community of Reidville.
Chapter 5: Tramway
The Tramway (Railway Line) was developed by Newfoundland Pulp and Paper during the early years of Reidville's development. This chapter highlights the significance  of the Tramway to Reidville's history.