Town Crest created by Kenny Elms in 2000
Town Of Reidville
Newfoundland Labrador, Canada

Family Tree

The Reid Family
William and Mary Ann (nee Major) Reid with the barn in the background. This was located on the flat just below where the Willis Elms Memorial bench is located today.
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The Major Family
Mary Ann (nee Major) Reid standing on the road at the bottom of "Uncle Doug's Hill".
The Hiscock Family
Theodore and Mary Elizabeth (nee Laing) Hiscock standing in a garden.
The Stuckless Family
Isacc (Ike) and Gertrude (nee  ? ) Stuckless outside their home which was located near the Humber River in the vicinity of where Eric Reid's old barn is located today.
The Elms Family
Willis and Minnie (nee Keats) Elms standing near a christmas tree, possibly in their own home which is located at the corner of Elms Street and Reidville Road.
The Oxford Family
William (Bill) and Lenora (nee Jenkins) Oxford standing infront of his pichup truck and home which was located on Riverview Road.
The Rumbolt Family
Rosa Rumbolt and her son Scott standing outside their home which was located where Shawn and Laura Normore's home is today. In this picture you can see their gate that leads to Sandy and Florence Reid's house. This is before the flood that washed out land between their house.