Town Crest created by Kenny Elms in 2000
Town Of Reidville
Newfoundland Labrador, Canada

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The currently serving council members and their contact information is provided here.
The employed staff for Reidville and their associated roles is given on this page.



Councillors that have served their community are listed here.


Since its formation in 1969, ten persons have served in the Mayors position. You may view this information using this link. Click here.


The Reidville Municipal Council is made up of five elected volunteers. Municipal elections are held every four years throughout the province of Newfoundland Labrador. The most recent election was held in September, 2013. Council meetings are held on the second Monday of each month.

Town of Reidville employs; one full time town clerk, a part-time assistant clerk and a full time maintenance and animal control officer.

In addition to elected councillors and staff the town have been able to hire a Program Facillitator whom is responsible for the startup and management of many recreational and social events for all of the citizens; youth, seniors, and all others.

 "The Department of Municipal and Intergovernmental Affairs strives to ensure Newfoundlanders and Labradorians live in safe and sustainable communities and are served by open, effective and accountable local governments".  You will fine a great deal of information on their website at the following link: Municipal and Intergovernmental Affairs

Mayor Roger Barrett is the tenth individual to serve in this capacity since The Community of Reidville was formed in 1969. You may check out previous Mayors and their time in that capacity by clicking on the appropriate link to the left.

There have been fourty-two individuals in Reidville that have served as councillors since the municipal government began in 1969. To check out this unique list click on the Previous Councillors link at the left.

Council Information