Town Crest created by Kenny Elms in 2000
Town Of Reidville
Newfoundland Labrador, Canada

Christmas is a very exciting time in Reidville.There are many events held throughout the season for all to enjoy.  The Christmas (or Santa Claus) Parade usually kicks-off the holiday celebrations. This is followed up by an evening of "Lighting the Christmas Tree and placing momentos on the "tree of memories".

The young children always enjoy a glimpse of Santa Claus on Christmas Eve as the local firetruck give him a lift around town. On the evening of Boxing Day the town host an adult dance which is always very popular. Throughout the twelve days of christmas the residents are encouraged to participate in the Christmas Sparkle Contest which has first, second and honorable mention awards for the best decorated properties during the holiday season.

Things usually wrap-up with a New Years dinner and dance. To view several slideshows of some of these activities follow the links on this page or Click on the pictures to activate slideshows.

If anyone has additional pictures or information that can be added to this page please contact Cliff Reid.

Christmas Parades

Christmas Sparkle

Other Christmas Events

Santa, Mrs Claus and the Children at the Community Hall after the Parade.

Photographer: Lue Goulding


Christmas Sparkle 2014

1st:  Igloo House - Dawn Matchim
2nd: Ginger Bread House - Deer Lake Motel
3rd: The Day After Christmas -
         Tyler Stagg & Rikki Burden


Christmas Sparkle 2013

1st:  Santa Express - Shawn & Bonnie Janes
2nd: Santa's Busy -
       Rikki Burden, Jack & Tyler Stagg
3rd: Candy Land - Clarence & Karen Moss


1st:  Jim & Caroline Bradley
2nd: Clarence & Pauline Reid
HM: Wilfred & Marjorie Curlew

Christmas Sparkle 2012

1st:  Gingerbread House -
        Shawn & Bonnie Janes
2nd: A Merry Mummers Christmas -
       Rikki Burden, Jack & Tyler Stagg
3rd: A Pets Christmas - Robin Reid

The following YouTube video was created by Mike & Lue Goulding. Click on the full screen symbol in the lower right corner for a larger image.


1st:  Darcy & Heather Major
2nd: Dean & Darlene Pittman
HM: Kerry & Barbara Anstey

Christmas Sparkle 2011

1st:  A Cowboy Christmas- Cache Rapids Staples
2nd: A Fairytale Christmas - Clarence & Karen Moss
3rd: Thomas The Train - Larry & Mary Reid


1st:  Keith Norris
2nd: Ford & Faye Janes
HM: Wilfred & Marjorie Curlew

Christmas Sparkle 2010

1st: The Polar Express - Clarence & Karen Moss
2nd: A Fairytale Christmas - 
  Connie /Sandi Reid & Vicki / Madison Reid
3rd: Run Away Present - Amy / Brody McKay


1st:  Roy & Patsy Pittman
2nd: Clarence & Pauline Reid
HM: Ford & Faye Janes

Christmas Sparkle 2009

1st: The Polar Express - Clarence & Karen Moss
2nd: The Mummers - D.J. Express
3rd: Newfie Christmas - Jerry & Hilda Rumbolt


1st:  Keith Norris
2nd: Paul & Bonnie Reid
HM: Leonard & Elizabeth Hisock

Christmas Sparkle 2008

1st:  Come Home Year Youth Committee
2nd: Carl Reid
3rd:  Reidville Recreation Committee


1st:  Darcy & Heather Major
2nd: David & Pat Layden
HM: Paul & Bonnie Reid

 Christmas Sparkle 2007

1st:  Carl Reid
2nd: Byron Reid
3rd: Provincial Airlines


1st:  Wyatt & Ruby Goosney
2nd: Dean & Darlene Pittman
HM: Wilfred & Marjorie Curlew

 Christmas Sparkle 2006


Not recorded in the Newsletter. Anyone remember?


1st:  Darcy & Heather Major
2nd: Roy & Patsy Pittman
HM: Wyatt & Ruby Goosney

First Christmas Sparkle - 2005

1st: John Deere Christmas - Carl Reid with grandson William. 
2nd: Lush's Cottages & B&B 
3rd: Christmas Wishlist - Tammy Fudge & Family


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